Host your next Private Party with us!

Private parties are fun. Private parties where everyone is interacting and moving around are even more fun! A Step into Mystery event is perfect for any party – big or small. We bring a perfectly tailored scenario that will have your guests actively interacting with each other to solve the mystery. Have your next private party be a unique and memorable experience with a Step into Mystery event.

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Make Events More Memorable

A Step into Mystery event will be remembered by all who attend. The mystery is custom built for the guests who are attending and will build lasting memories for all.

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Create A Unique Experience

A Step into Mystery Event is not the your typical dinner event. It’s a one-of-a-kind event where guests will be working together to solve a mystery.

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Great for Large or Small Parties

A Step into Mystery Event is good for private parties of all sizes. Simply let us know how many guests will be attending and we will take it from there!