Host your next Corporate Team Building Event with us!

Step into Mystery Events are perfect for corporate team building events. Your team will become closer than ever after working together to solve the mystery. Watch as members from different departments begin to interact and form new friendships. The event may last only a few hours, but the memories created and camaraderie built will last far past the end of the event.

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Ask Better Questions

Our events are great for learning how to ask better and more concise questions. Help your team grow and hone in on this critical skill with a Step into Mystery Event.

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Build Team Camaraderie

Our events are fun and inclusive. Everyone has to interact in order to help solve the mystery. A Step into Mystery event is a the perfect way to help all members of your team to interact in new and exciting ways.

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Boost Critical Thinking

There is a lot of information presented in our events that lead to cracking the mystery. Throughout a Step into Mystery event, Critical Thinking Skills are crafted and sharpened.