Our Story

Step into Mystery began in 2010 as a simple game we played with friends. It has slowly evolved into a company that offers a unique, curated experience for everyone to enjoy! Whether you are a small business, retirement center, or large corporation, Step into Mystery can provide a fun, intriguing, and memorable experience for you and your team.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Step into Mystery is simple: We want to provide engaging and interactive events that are custom tailored to our guests.

Our Team

Headshot of Kandi

Kandi Sterling

Co-Founder and Creative Director
Kandi is the mastermind behind the plots and bios for the mystery events.

headshot of tammy

Tammy Stirling

Co-Founder and Master Storyteller
Tammy creates the clues used in each of our Mystery Events.

headshot of sabrina

Sabrina East

Event Planner
Sabrina runs events in many different cities.

Headshot of Justin

Justin Poe

Event Planner
Joe runs events in California.