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Mystery Events

Each guest is given a bio and is part of the plot. Everyone’s a suspect in committing the crime. Each bio, big or small, is important to figuring out who committed the crime.  Only with skillful questioning, careful listening, and having fun will the criminal be revealed!

Live Action Clue Games

The classic game of clue comes to life and transforms from being a sit down board game to a fully interactive event. Guest find clues throughout the event that can be used to figure out who, what, where, and with what. Work together in groups or with teams to solve the mystery!


“For me the best thing was the conviviality of the event. The room was filled with conversation and laughter.”

“I loved being someone else for the event. I surprised myself by what I thought of and what I said.”

“I enjoyed being able to mingle while playing my part.”

“I loved the clues and the interaction  so it gave everyone something to focus on.”

“I felt a real sense of satisfaction when I guessed the killer.  I’ve been to other mystery dinners and thought I knew what was going on, only to find that it wasn’t anywhere NEAR what I’d been to.  I was expecting a play and instead I was IN the play. It was a great evening!”

“I have never been to anything more fun.  I’ll remember this for a long time and hope I’ll get a chance to do another one.”

“I want to do another one.  I missed a lot of things the last time.  I still had fun, but I got sidetracked with one of the characters and missed some clues.  Now that I know how to play, I can’t wait to do another one.”

“It was something that made you think while you were having fun.  I was impressed that the solution really made sense.”

“I was so surprised. My husband is usually very quiet in social situations, and he wasn’t excited about going. But when he got into character and the story started moving along, he was downright chatty.  He had a great time.”

“We came thinking we were going to be with a bunch of strangers, but it turned out to be so much fun! We met everyone!”

“I didn’t think this was my thing, but it turned out to be great!  I’m telling everyone I know.”