Live Action Clue Game
Mystery Events​
We are often asked for a video of our events. This implies there are actors and something which can be filmed. In fact, there are no actors. Each guest is given a bio that fits into the plot and they become that character, questioning others and interacting to try to discover what is happening, who committed the crime, how and why. Some of the information is not important, as there are always many potential suspects and several sub-plots. It takes critical thinking, skillful questioning and careful listening to find the real criminal. 

The problem with a video it that is sounds like a big party, with people talking and laughing, moving about and enjoying themselves. It's hard to find a single core to the event, because everyone is part of it.  
We do a large version which we use for groups of 25 or more who will all be attending at the same time. The video below is of an event with hundreds of students at a middle school in Richmond. The PTA put it on and  liked it because it got their students talking to each other and meeting other students instead of just staying with students they knew. 
For smaller events, or times when people will be coming and going, we offer the game played with clues and game cards. Uses for this kind of game would be:
  • Senior Groups
  • Business Promotions
  • Churches, schools, and community groups.

When playing this game, not everyone has to arrive at the same time, although it can be a specific time and event.

All of our games can be longer or shorter, depending on the goal of the event and the clues can refer specifically to your business or organization.  

We always get enjoyment ratings of 4.3 to 4.7 on each event and we get comments that people enjoy the fact that they feel comfortable walking up and talking to strangers. Everyone is in character and there are no strangers in the game. 
Team Building
Whether you are a sales team manager or in charge of stratigic planning, every division of a corporation revolves around how well it's team members can communicate. These events get your team members asking critical questions, carefully listening to answers and putting that information together in such a way that they can develop the best answer to the problem. No other event can give you training at the same time it is fun and entertaining. This is the best of all worlds. Contact us today to find out how we can help your teams function better. We can build our mystery around your company, your industry or give it a theme. No extra charge.
Fund Raisers​
We even have a great fund raising program that allows you and your group to go out into the community, help local businesses and raise awareness of your cause. 

The best part is that your group does not need a venue, a specific time, or a team of volunteers. We handle everything, all you do is involve local businesses and sell tickets.

And the appeal for local businesses is fantastic. What business wouldn't jump at a chance to get 50, 100, 150 or more people to come in or to visit their website. That kind of business exposure would cost hundreds of dollars or more!  And best of all, this kind of exposure brands the business as being involved in good causes in the community. The next time someone needs their goods or services, they will be remembered!

​Best of all, this fundraiser can include all kinds off businesses!

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director