"On behalf of us here at Amber Road, we’d like to thank you for a truly one of a kind experience!!! Everyone that attended our Holiday Luncheon/Murder Mystery event had a great time!!  We truly appreciate the talent that you guys brought to the table and the level of excitement and mystery that our employees were caught up in.  We knew that we’d come back to you guys for more business, as everyone couldn’t stop saying wonderful things about the event and just how fun it was!  The fact that everyone was fully engaged was what we appreciated the most!!"

Thanks again for being the best of the best!!
Belina Thomas
HR Generalist
Amber Road

About Us
Our Mission is to produce and present interactive events for  many purposes. We believe that an event should get people involved, get them moving around, to talking to others, and listening carefully. Guests should then be able to rely on their cognative and synthesis reasoning to solve a given mystery.

We want our events to be both challenging and fun. 
Our company began in 2010 and evolved slowly from a game we played with friends to one that creates events for all kinds of companies from small businesses to large corporations. As we've grown we've realized the many ways these kinds of games can be used, and the wide range of ages and types of people that can enjoy them.
We now have two kinds of games, aimed at two different types of audiences. Wineries, Restrauants, Breweries, Private Parties and Team Building will love our regular Mystery Events that get people up, moving, listening and talking to everyone. No one is a stranger in a Mystery Senerio.

​We also offer a "Live Action Clue" event that can be used for business promotion, fund raisers, Senior Events and any time when people may arrive at different times, and there are no pre-sold tickets.
Our Services
Mystery Events
The original, our mystery events, involve complete and complex bios of people who will interact for a full 2.5 hours before they discover the criminal. Along the way, they will follow plots and sub-plots, solve clues and discuss their theories with others. No two games are ever alike, so many of our guests return again and again. There are always awards for the Best Actor and the Super Sleuth. And the criminal is one of the guests who can become a Criminal Mastermind if they can throw the blame on someone else.
Team Building
Because these events require asking critical questions and listening carefully to the answers, they are great team building events and especially for Sales Team training, it's a fun way to get your team members interacting while they are developing critical skills in communication. We also do other corporate events for families or for corporate culture.
Business Promotion
Use our Live Action Clue game to attract more customers or keep them coing back. It's a game everyone can enjoy and talk about. Requires no reservations, it's a drop in game you can schedule weekly or monthly. Use these for everything from Restrauants to Open House Events, from Sales Events to Grand Openings.
Fund Raisers
What better way to raise money for your cause than to involve the community. No volunteers needed, no venues or timetables. Simply join forces with local and online businesses to raise money and raise awareness of your cause. 
Private Parties
Reunions, vacations, or private parties, use one of our events to make your party memorable. Either type of event works well. We can produce events for 8 - 500+ people. Our events are enjoyed by men and women alike and can be set up to include families and children.
Senior Living Events
Activity Directors love our Events for their residents and Senior Center Members. They can be set up for family participation or simply as an activity for residents.
Some of Our Clients



Robious Middle School

Vineyard, Winery, Brewhaus


7 Doors

Our events always rate a 4.3 - 4.7 in enjoyment
"What a great new idea!"


"We came thinking we were going to be with a bunch of strangers, but it turned out to be so much fun! We met everyone!"

"I didn't think this was my thing, but it turned out to be great!  I'm telling everyone I know."

"Next time we are bringing our other room mate!"

"I loved it!  I wasn't like anything I've ever done and it was so much fun."

"I was so surprised. My husband is usually very quiet in social situations, and he wasn't excited about going. But when he got into character and the story started moving along, he was downright chatty.  He had a great time."

"It was something that made you think while you were having fun.  I was impressed that the solution really made sense."

"I want to do another one.  I missed a lot of things the last time.  I still had fun, but I got sidetracked with one of the characters and missed some clues.  Now that I know how to play, I can't wait to do another one."

"I have never been to anything more fun.  I'll remember this for a long time and hope I'll get a chance to do another one."

"I felt a real sense of satisfaction when I guessed the killer.  I've been to other mystery dinners and thought I knew what was going on, only to find that it wasn't anywhere NEAR what I'd been to.  I was expecting a play and instead I was IN the play.  It was a great evening!"

“I loved the clues and the interaction  so it gave everyone something to focus on.”

“I enjoyed being able to mingle while playing my part.”

I loved being someone else for the event. I surprised myself by what I thought of and what I said.”

“For me the best thing was the conviviality of the event. The room was filled with conversation and laughter.”